TEMES fl.cal Software und Dienstleistung für Flanschberechnungen

Flange calculations

Requirements on sealed connections have increased continuously in the last few years. So new or updated directives (e.g. the Pressure Equipment Directive) – and the national and European regulations based upon them – require a more comprehensive depth of verification.Furthermore, environmental protection requirements have become more stringent (e.g. due to the German Clean Air Act (TA-Luft)) where limiting emissions is of central importance. In this context, directives require "a professional design" and "the use of suitable gasket characteristics".

In terms of the overall concept presented for the sealed flange, simulation evidence takes on a central significance. For the calculation of your flanged connections we can offer analytical procedures according to EN 1591-1 or KTA 3211.2 (Nuclear Safety Standards Commission), as well as detailed finite element calculations. Here we can not only handle flanged connections with the gasket in the main force connection, but also connections with the gasket in the secondary force connection.

The main purpose of such a calculation is to determine the required assembly bolt force. This value is absolutely essential, whether it be a standard connection or a special design. Without this value (or the specification of a corresponding tightening torque), reliable assembly is not possible.

To ensure safe operation, it is important to limit the loading which occurs (strength verification). Furthermore, sufficient gasket contact pressure during operation must be ensured (tightness verification).

For this purpose, we have developed the Software TEMES fl.cal.

Software für Flanschberechnungen TEMES fl.cal

Of course we can use our software to carry out flange calculations for you. In this context, we also use finite element analysis programs. This is particularly useful where complex special designs are concerned, where the analytical calculation processes approach their limits. more…

Flange calculation with finite elements analysis (FEA)