Valves - Reduce emissions and save

Two birds with one stone: With the proven reduction of emissions, you meet legislation requirements and also save loss of high-quality medium.

In addition to the function -which also includes internal tightness-, external tightness plays a central role in valves under the specified regulatory boundary conditions. This means that -depending on the design- e.g. the valve stem seal and the cover seal come into focus.

AMTEC offers the complete chain of products and services:

  • We make the selection of suitable gaskets and packings easier for you with data from our test laboratory.
    AMTEC has the appropriate testing facilities for testing sealing elements such as stuffing box packings and flat gaskets and can use many years of experience.
  • We prove the high quality (e.g. TA Luft) of the seals used in the valves.
    For this purpose, we have developed test rigs that cover a wide range of applications (valve types and loads).
  • With the correct assembly of your tightening connections, you reduce emissions and increase the availability of your systems.
    Last but not least, based on our practice in nuclear power plants, we are specialists in the controlled, reproducible assembly of packings and seals.

With this background, we are of course the first address for

leak detection and repair (LDAR)

, too. Due to new regulations in Europe, LDAR will become mre and more importatnt, also in Germany.

Testing of packings and valves in the laboratory

Valve tightness and function base on knowledge of the characteristic properties of a stuffing box packing and on a correct installation, With our packing test rigs we measure compression and deformation characteristics and coefficients of friction. Specific assembly and measuring equipment ensure that the required preload is maintained within narrow tolerances.

Our experience in testing seals and stuffing box packings is available in our accredited testing laboratory, e.g. for product development tests of

  • properties of stuffing box packings and
  • sealing elements.

Our valve test rig provides type tests of valves including mechanical load changes (spindle, internal pressure) and thermal load changes. The valve stem forces and the leakages at the stuffing box packing, cover and seat are measured. This enables realistic functional tests under representative operating loads.

valve test rig
Einbau einer Armatur in den Armaturenprüfstand
valve installed in test rig

In our valve test rigs, we demonstrate the high quality of the seals used in installed valves. The tests are carried out according to

  • DIN EN ISO 15848-1
  • API 641
  • API 607
  • VDI 2440
  • DIN EN ISO 10497
  • user defined procedures

Another important step towards a reproducibly functional and tight valve is a controlled assembly of the sealing connections, here in particular the

  • controlled assembly of stuffing box packings.

More details about our products and services: