Bolted joints: Leak-free in 5 steps

For over 25 years now, we have been testing the properties of gaskets, calculating strength and measuring bolt forces. Using this experience, we have developed a process to ensure reliably leak-free joints in 5 simple steps. more

Valves: Reduce emissions and save money

We will make the selection of suitable gaskets and packing easier for you with data from our test laboratory. With the correct assembly, you will reduce emissions and increase the availability of your plant. more…

Nuclear power: Long-term safety and reliability

For more than 35 years now, we have been monitoring loads and stresses in nuclear power plants. We contribute to optimisation and increase safety and reliability with our proactive ageing management. more

TEMES 8 user manual

User manual TEMES version 8.xx

The new user manual for the current version of our software for flange calculation and tightness proof  is available now. Calculation routines are based on the European standard EN 1591. All parameters and input data are explained and illustrated with screenshots. to download page