Test rig for packings

TEMES stb.freak

The test rig TEMES stb.freak allows you to determine deformation and sealing properties of stuffing box packings.

The test rig TEMES stb.freak consists of the actual mechanical test device (body and spindle), a control cabinet, a cooling unit, a leakage unit, a computer and a monitor. Optionally, a mass spectrometer can be installed into the test rig.

test rig configuration TEMES stb.freak

For identifying characteristic values, packings with a size of 56 x 40 mm can be analyzed. The maximal load that can be transferred on the specimen is a force of about 100 kN what conforms with a contact pressure of 65 MPa.

An adjustable heating element allows a running of packing tests at temperatures up to 400 °C with a maximal internal pressure of 200 bar.

Stem cycles can be realized up to 60 mm.

All operating functions of the test rig can be controlled absolute manually, however, with the software package TEMES stb.freak which is included in the delivery, also a fully automated test run and measured value acquisition of numerous tests is possible.

Software TEMES stb.freak

Technical data:

Nominal power supply: 380 VAC
Frequency: 50 Hz
Power consumption: 5 kW
Spindle force range: 50 kN
Bolt force range: +/- 50 kN
Temperature range: 400 °C
Max. internal pressure: 200 bar
Max. spindle stroke: 60 mm
Max. packing height: 100 mm
External packing diameter: 56 mm
Internal packing diameter: 40 mm
Required compressed air: 6 - 8 bar