Leakage test rig

TEMES ta.luft

The TEMESta.luft test rig was designed for component testing of real flanged connections to investigate gasket quality in terms of the TA Luft (German Clean Air Act). Here, the sealing behaviour is determined after a previous exposure to temperature, as required in the VDI Guidelines 2440 and 2200.

The gaskets are stressed between two test flanges using special measurement bolts, which enable the applied bolt force to be measured using digital dial gauges. The test flange can be exposed to a temperature of up to 400 °C in an oven. After cooling, the test flange is connected to a leakage unit. The vacuum chamber with the clamping screws is mounted over the test flange and the leakage rate is measured using a helium mass spectrometer.

Used by us

The TEMESta.luft test rig is also used in our test laboratory. We look forward to determining the characteristics of your gaskets. You can find more information on gasket testing at AMTEC under the menu Test laboratory.