Testing equipment for valves

After the selection of suitable packing materials for the stem seal and suitable sealing materials for the body seal, the fully assembled valves must be subjected to various measuring, testing and qualification procedures. There are different test standards for this, which pursue different goals. like

  • classification and qualification procedures for type testing or
  • production-accompanying acceptance tests

We have developed test benches for these valve tests and we also offer valve testing as a service in our accredited test laboratory. These test benches represent an ideal, sophisticated tool for various approval tests or, more generally, for quality control purposes.


TEMES fl.ai1

Universal valve test rig

TEMESvalve.teq allows you to carry out experiments with

  • mechanical cycles,
  • temperature cycles and
  • leak tests.

The test stand can be run manually and fully automatically – a crucial advantage for long test times.

Standardized test procedures such as e.g. according to EN ISO 15848-1 can be carried out in this test rig, both with helium and with methane as the test medium.

Used by us

The TEMESvalve.teq test rig is also used in our test laboratory. We look forward to determining the characteristics of your packings. You can find more information on pacling testing at AMTEC under the menu item Test laboratory.

Your contact for valve testing equipments

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Benjamin Schiefer
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E-Mail: temes@amtec.de


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