Multifunctional low temperature test rig

TEMES fl.ai1

The low-temperature test rig offers the possibility to carry out compression and leakage tests, as well as creep / relaxation tests in a temperature range of -150 °C to +200 °C. It is a modified standard test rig (TEMESfl.ai1) for the low temperature range, hence the abbreviation "lt" for "low temperature".

Liquid nitrogen (LN2) with a boiling temperature of approx. -196[ °C is used as the cooling medium, which is regulated to the desired temperature in the area of the test specimen with the aid of resistance heaters. The cooling system allows cooling rates of 2 K/min.

modular construction of TEMES
Modular construction of TEMES

Design and function

The test rig is a servo-controlled hydraulic press with a 1,000 kN compressive force capability. The test rig has a modular design, i.e. different components can be used depending on the type of test. This applies in particular to the shielding [1] & [9], insulating [8], heating [3] & [6], cryogenic plates [2] & [7], and test plates with various facing geometries [4] &[ 5], which can be installed to investigate different specimen geometries.

The gasket force is recorded via a load cell [10] mounted on the base plate. The deformation of the gasket is recorded via displacement sensors at three points around the circumference. In addition, temperatures are measured at various points on the test stand so that the temperature profile is always known.

overall view of the gasket test rig TEMES
Overall view of the gasket test rig TEMES


A comfortable software enables the recording, display, and storage of measured values. The software can also be used to control the entire test sequence, so that fully automatic tests can be carried out according to standard specifications (e. g. EN, DIN, ASTM) or individual specifications.

Software for TEMES fl.ai1

Leakage measurement

The standard measuring principle used in leakage tests is based on the pressure drop method with the differential pressure method. The diaphragm valves required for the various functions are all controlled via the software, thus ensuring that the tests run fully automatically. Leakage measurement with a He mass spectrometer is optionally possible. These two measurement methods cover a wide range of leakage requirements.

measurement principle

Generally, leakage tests are carried out at constant internal pressure and different levels of surface pressure. However, thanks to automatic filling and venting, it is also possible to carry out tests at several levels of internal pressure.

Used by us

The test rig is also used in our test laboratory. We look forward to determining the characteristics of your gaskets. You can find more information on gasket testing at AMTEC under the menu Test laboratory.