Training and Competency Assessment

Qualification of Assembly Personnel according to EN 1591-4


Assembly training EN 1591-4

The training and assessment of the qualification of fitters of flange connections or screw connections of any form is based on the curricula of the European standard EN 1591-4. This standard is for fitters as well as for technical management and the responsible engineers.

In order to meet the diverse requirements, the standard provides a modular training plan. According to the standard, the basis for training is always the basic qualification level.

Our training concept is divided into 3 sections with theoretical and practical elements according to the motto "from practice for practice".

AMTEC has been actively involved in systematically eliminating the causes of leaks for over 40 years. Seal tests, calculation and assembly procedures as well as measurement methods were first (co-)developed and used by AMTEC for nuclear power plants and then transferred to use in refineries and chemical plants. We know the important facts and we pass on our experience to the participants of this training.

In the practical part of the training, the screw forces applied during assembly are measured and displayed. This creates a better understanding of the essential influencing variables during assembly, such as assembly methods, friction, surface quality.


The aim of the training is to convey the knowledge that is of central importance for the successful assembly of flange connections. In theoretical and practical parts, the participants are taught the basics.

Through an examination following the training, the participants demonstrate their competence in this area of responsibility and receive the certificate of competence according to EN 1591-4, which is required by many plant operators today as a prerequisite for working at their site.

Who should attend

This standard is aimed at

  • all fitters

who assemble and disassemble flange connections in critical applications. According to the standard, however,

  • the technical management and
  • the responsible engineers

should also be trained.

Upcoming dates

Only German-language training courses are currently scheduled. We are happy to offer further qualification levels or individual appointments on request, also in English language!

Termin Qualifikationsstufe Ort
30.01.2024 Verlängerung Grundqualifikation Lauffen
31.01.2024 Grundqualifikation Lauffen
01.02.2024 Verantwortlicher Ingenieur Lauffen
19.03.2024 Grundqualifikation Lauffen
25.04.2024 Grundqualifikation Lauffen
04.06.2024 Verlängerung Grundqualifikation Lauffen
05.06.2024 Grundqualifikation Lauffen
23.07.2024 Grundqualifikation Lauffen
17.09.2024 Grundqualifikation Lauffen
23.10.2024 Grundqualifikation Lauffen
24.10.2024 Verantwortlicher Ingenieur Lauffen
20.11.2024 Grundqualifikation Lauffen
21.11.2024 Verlängerung Grundqualifikation Lauffen
10.12.2024 Grundqualifikation Lauffen

Training Location

AMTEC advanced measurement
Messtechnischer Service GmbH
Hoher Steg 13
74348 Lauffen am Neckar


Every participant will receive a

  • certificate according to EN 1591-4 including training content and evaluation and
  • documentation in the personal security pass (on request).

Competence of AMTEC Trainers

All trainers are engineers of AMTEC who, in addition to practical experience from inspections in nuclear power plants and shutdowns in chemical and petrochemical plants, also have in-depth knowledge of determining the characteristic values of gaskets and the design of flange connections.


Certified Training Provider

Certified Training Provider

AMTEC is certified by TÜV Rheinland as a training provider for bolting technicians. This demonstrably meets the requirements of the EN 1591-4 standard for the qualification levels

  • 8.2.2 Basic qualification level,
  • 8.2.3 Hydraulic tensioner,
  • 8.2.4 Hydraulic torque tightening,
  • 8.2.5 Heat exchanger and pressure vessels and
  • 8.3 Responsible engineer.

Your contact for training courses according to EN 1591-4

Benjamin Schiefer
Tel.: +49 7133 9502-261

Christian Six
Tel.: +49 7133 9502-163