Training Course:

Qualification of Personnel Competency in the Assembly of Bolted Flanged Joints according to the European standard EN1591-4

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training course for assembly: EN 1591-4

The training course and the examination of the qualification of assembly personnel is based on the curriculum defined in the European standard EN 1591-4:2013.

The training plan is divided in 3 sections with theoretical and practical units based on practical application. AMTEC has been playing an active role in developing techniques to understand root causes for leakages and find out how to achieve leak-free joints for more than 15 years now. Gasket testing, calculation and assembly procedures as well as measurement techniques have been developped for the nuclear industry first. Then it turned out that the optimized procedures can easily applied to chemical and petrochemical plants.

We impart our comprehensive knowledge and hands-on experience to the participants of this training.

In realistic exercises the bolt forces during assembly are monitored and displayed online in order to experience the influence of different parameters such as tightening technique, friction, surface quality, ...

Contents of the fundamental training course

loading on a flange connection


  • behaviour of the whole flanges-bolts-gasket system
  • requirements for leak-tightness
  • forces, bending moments, elongation
  • health protection, safety precautions
  • disassembly of flange connections
  • work preparation for an appropriate assembly
  • manual torque controlled tightening
  • documentation of executed work
  • documentation of deviations
  • emission control
  • action after leak occurrence
  • tightening techniques
  • assembly with torque wrenches
  • influence of lubricants
display of bolt forces during assembly


  • safe disassembly of flange connections
  • proper use of torque wrenches
  • demonstration of thread friction
  • flange assembly
  • application of tightening sequences


  • questionnaire in theory
  • assessment of practical skills

Training and examination can be executed on one single day. Instructor and examiner are different persons.


  • Each participant will receive a certificate according to EN 1591-4 about the contents of the training course and results of the examination


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Qualification Phase Date
Training dates on request. Please just ask us!

We also offer to arrange an in-house training course at your preferred location.

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