Developed to perform comprehensive "fatigue monitoring" the AMTEC IMAS system became a primary tool to long term safety and availability of nuclear power plants.

Major task of the system

Monitoring of mechanical and thermal loads of systems, structures and components as a basis for assessment.


Scheme am function

  • monitoring of loads using local sensors
    (temperature, displacement, deformation, strain, pressure, force, …)
  • correlation to operation state / transient
    (internal pressure, temperature, flow, valve position, …)
  • continuous monitoring in an independent network
  • scan rate depending on task
  • independent data storage and documentation
IMAS Integrity Management System


  • modular design
    (flexible customization to different tasks)
  • continuous monitoring of different transducers
  • quasi-static and dynamic measurements
  • nearly unlimited input channels
  • continuous check of limits
  • transient recording
  • in case of event: mail to person in charge (e.g. system engineer)
  • access to data via utility network
  • database for evaluation and assessment
  • long-term documentation