Measurements in nuclear power plants

IMAS Integrity Management System

In many cases, it is important to determine the real load history and the resulting stresses acting on the system and components, e. g. to:

  • verify pipe calculations during commissioning or before/after refurbishing
  • record boundary conditions for calculations
  • inspect the function of pipe supports
  • explane damage
  • collect data for preventative maintenance

Measured variables

As part of our service, to record the relevant loading we carry out both quasi-static measurements (for slowly changing variables) and dynamic measurements. Both short-term and permanent monitoring are possible. We use appropriate sensors to record variables such as

  • temperature
  • pressure (also indirectly via strain measurements on the outside of the pipe)
  • strain
  • displacement
  • acceleration

Planning and instrumentation

We also provide support to planning of the inspection tasks. Describe your problem and we will determine the right measurement procedure and locations. When installing measuring equipment, we take care that it can be removed cleanly (as far as is possible) after the measurements have been taken.

Implementation and evaluation

Some situations require on-line monitoring of the measured data or special evaluations. For these, we have pre-tested solutions or we can create the required software on a custom basis. Structuring of the data, verification, graphic presentation, evaluation and documentation are also part of our services.

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