Calculation software


The TEMES software is used to calculate flanged connections based on EN 1591-1, using gasket characteristics according to DIN EN 13555 or the draft of KTA 3211.2 (Nuclear Safety Standards Commission, March 2003), according to which both main force connections and secondary force connections can be taken into account.

A variety of geometrical and material databases are available to the user, from which standardised values from different German and European standards can easily be found. A special feature is the gasket database, which stores the characteristics of numerous sealing materials from different manufacturers and which, using a special algorithm, continuously adjusts them to the requirements during the calculation.

The behaviour of the sealed connection is observed in defined loading states. Here, temperatures, pressures and external forces and moments can be specified. Specifications regarding the required sealing classes, specific assembly values or assembly processes can also be defined.

To evaluate the results, the flange and bolt loading, the gasket contact pressure, the bolt elongation, the flange face gradient and adherence to the sealing requirements are shown for each loading state. The results of the calculation can be printed in a report, saved and copied into other Windows applications.

System requirements:
Windows XP or Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit), approx. 100 MB free hard drive memory, an additional 50 MB space on the hard drive for installation, CD-ROM drive.