Fatigue in Nuclear Power Plants

2-day workshop on demand

Fatigue usage is calculated for 40 years of operation during design, generally.

In real plant operation, fatigue can be different from design. Real fatigue usage depends the real number of load changes and the real amplitude history.

Additionally, operation is extended to more than 40 years (long term operation).

We can offer a 2-day workshop dealing with all related topics. Please do not hesitate to contact us at info@amtec.de for detailed information.



  • How to determine realistic fatigue usage for components that are already in service
  • Which formulas are required for simple calculation of stresses and when a detailed FE analysis is useful.
  • How to determine and monitor the relevant loads with their frequencies and amplitudes.
  • The importance of the environmental influence on fatigue.
  • Which procedure is preferred to keep fatigue usage below 1 in long term operation.

The relation between non-destructive testing, fracture mechanics analysis and fatigue analysis with respect to life cycle management.

The workshop includes practical examples: from the basics of fatigue analysis to the latest scientific findings on the influence of the environment according to US NUREGCR-6909.