Relaxation test rig

TEMES fl.relax

If creep of the gasket can relax the connection, the gasket characteristics from creep/relaxation tests are of interest. Many parameters have to be taken into account, such as the stiffness of the connection, the initial surface pressure, the temperature, the rate of temperature change, the aging time, etc. In addition, the tests have to be carried out over a longer period of time.

For this reason, we have designed a more simple mechanical device, specifically for investigating creep/relaxation in addition to the TEMES fl.ai1 test rig: TEMES fl.relax. This enables cost-effective tests to be carried out; if necessary, several test benches can be used, simultaneously.

Design and function

Essentially, the TEMESfl.relax test rig consists of two stiff plates that are connected firmly to each other via two columns. In between, there is the test area, in which the force is applied vertically to the test specimen via a stamp. Electric heating is integrated above and below the sealing plates.

An exchangeable stiffness element is installed in the force flow between the test device and the upper traverse. With this component, different stiffness of real flange connections can be simulated in the device.


In addition, the applied surface pressure and the subsequent relaxation of the gasket are measured via the deformation of this stiffness element. All that is required for measurement is a dial gauge, which is either read manually or using a computer controlled acquisition unit.

measurement principle TEMES fl.relax

Used by us

The TEMESfl.relax test rig is also used in our test laboratory. We look forward to determining the characteristics of your gaskets. You can find more information on gasket testing at AMTEC under the menu Test laboratory.