Test rigs for packings

Integrity and tightness of stuffing box packings (valve stem seals) has to be safeguarded during the entire life cycle.

The first step to achieve this is done by selecting the materials. Regarding the selection of the most suitable packing material, material characteristics have to be known in detail. Additionally, material characteristics are required to determine the prestress which has to be applied during assembly (tightening torque) and for tightness analysis as well as for the calculation of the friction forces.

Characteristic material properties of packing materials are:

  • deformation behavior
  • tightness behavior
  • friction behavior


  • resistance against wear
  • resistance against corrosion
  • long-term performance

amtec developed test rigs for all relevant characteristics of stuffing box packings. These test rigs are ideal tools for product development and quality control for packing material developers and for end users who operate a lot of valves in their plants.

Additionally, amtec provides testing services to all parts of industry.


TEMES fl.ai1

Universal test rig for stuffing box packings

The test rig TEMESstb.freak provides

  • friction tests at room temperature as well as at elevated temperatures
  • long term tests and
  • leakage tests

The test rig can be operated manually and fully automaticly - an advantage regarding long test duration

The core of this test rig is the simulation of a stuffing box packing / valve stem interaction.


Used by us

The TEMES stb.freak test rig is also used in our test laboratory. We look forward to determining the characteristics of your packings. You can find more information on pacling testing at AMTEC under the menu item Test laboratory.

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