TEMES fl.db

We have developed a database as a tool for Life Cycle Management. This database contains all the geometrical and material data for each connection in a plant. It also stores the design, operating and inspection loads so that all the input variables in this database can be called up in the future for another calculation. Once the calculation is complete, the assembly specifications for each flanged connection are also stored in the flange database.

So a flange datasheet can be printed out for each installation, giving the fitter all the information needed for clamping the connection (bolt type, gasket type, geometrical specifications, lubricant, etc).

The database can also be used as a tool to control the timing and planning of maintenance activities or to determine the spare parts required in advance of downtime.

The database is an important quality assurance tool. It uses the documented assembly state to help make sure the assembly specifications are adhered to, and helps to resolve any states occurring in the flanged connections which do not adhere to the specification.

We initially developed the database using Microsoft Access. Later on we have converted to Oracle in a subsequent development.