Training Equipment

Flange Assembly Practice Tool

TEMES fl.apt

The amtec training flange is used for the measurement and visualization of bolt forces during the tightening process under real mounting conditions. The pair of flanges (DN100/PN40) is assembled with eight screws (M20), all of which serve as force sensors. The user-friendly amtec software, developed especially for demonstration purposes, shows the bolt forces in various graphics. The device clarifies the following parameters which are relevant for the quality of a proper flange connection:

  • force path during tightening of the bolts
  • influences of different tightening procedures
  • distribution of the gasket stress
  • different behavior of different gasket types (stiff and soft gaskets)
  • the proper use of a torque wrench for precise application of the specified torque

The training flange is mobile and can be disassembled without tools, stored and transported in a practical aluminum case. The weight-optimized design makes the entire device comparatively light, which means that there are no obstacles to conducting demonstrations on the go.

Training device for the measurement of torque and bolt forces

TEMES bolt.ctrl

The device is used to measure bolt forces on four identical anti-fatigue bolts (M27). The display of the forces in the form of a bar chart illustrates the significant differences in the axial tensile forces in the bolts very well. Thus e.g. the following phenomena are shown on the device:

  • Influence of the friction coefficient µG (thread friction) on the bolt force,
  • influence of the friction coefficient µK (head bearing friction) on the bolt force, the correct use of manual torque wrenches for the proper application of the set torque,
  • difference between static and sliding friction when tightening bolted connections,
  • the importance and necessity of screw lubrication,
  • determination of friction factors.

Device for the Measurement of torque wrenches

TEMES tq.ctrl

With the training device TEMEStq.ctrl, the torque can be precisely recorded and visualized during assembly. This device can bused to show e.g. the following facts:

  • Scatter range when applying torques with wrench depending on fitter and position,
  • small scatter band when applying torques with a hand torque wrench when they are used correctly (without overtightening), regardless of the physical constitution of the fitter and the position in which it is tightened,
  • torque curve when using manual torque wrenches incorrectly (e.g. overtightening due to too much momentum or full use of body weight).

Assessment Equipment

TEMES fl.fat

Two workstations can be equipped with the test assessment equipment from amtec for the acceptance of the practical test in training courses according to EN 1591-4. The entire equipment can be neatly stowed away and transported in a practical aluminum transport box with wheels. In addition to various flanges, the necessary screws, nuts and tools for the test are also included.

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