Flange calculation as a service

We will be happy to carry out calculations for you. No matter according to which regulations you need to calculate, we are always the right contact!

We can also calculate entire pipe classes for you; we will support you in the implementation of VDI Guideline 2290. When it comes to selecting the most suitable material for bolts or sealing materials, or determining the permissible p/T ratings – we are able to fulfil (nearly) every wish.

For problems where analytical procedures fail or do not permit sufficiently good modelling, we will carry out finite element analysis for you. Thanks to the possibilities available in our test laboratory, we are also able to determine the required elastic-plastic deformation characteristics of the gaskets used, so that the calculation is as realistic as possible.

Your contact for flange calculation services:

Dr.-Ing. Manfred Schaaf
Tel.: +49 7133 9502-12
E-Mail: temes@amtec.de

Stephan Schöckle
Tel.: +49 7133 9502-150
E-Mail: temes@amtec.de

Stefan Hufnagel
Tel.: +49 7133 9502-165
E-Mail: temes@amtec.de