Upgrading Klinger test rigs

In 2006, we officially took over the support for Klinger testing presses. Klinger, a company from Egliswil in Switzerland, was looking for a competent partner who could take over the support for their test rig customers. Klinger was very interested in our concept of not just carrying out maintenance and repairs, but offering upgrades with modern hardware and software for test rigs between 10 and 15 years old.

When modernizing Klinger test rigs, the focus is on upgrading the hardware and software. It starts with a modern PC (Windows-based operating system), and includes the network connection and use of software compatible with other Windows programs (evaluation in Microsoft Excel), permitting comfortable and user-friendly operation. Furthermore, we replace the components which – in our experience – are the most sensitive, so that -in the end- the test rig is completely refurbished.

A variety of optional extensions are also available, e.g. connection to an external cooling unit, a differential pressure measuring unit or a helium mass spectrometer.