Gasket test rigs

The function of sealed connections is significantly influenced by the properties of the gasket. These properties take the form of characteristics which are of central significance for both the selection of the suitable gasket and the required proof of tightness and strength. Furthermore, these characteristics are required by the gasket manufacturer for quality assurance.

Based on these requirements, we have developed a series of test rigs with which the gasket properties can be determined – accurately and cost-effectively. The development of the test rigs incorporated the relevant standards and guidelines, as well as our many years of experience in metrology.

Standards and guidelines

The most important inspection standards for European gasket technology are DIN 28090 and EN 13555. These define the characteristics, and also define the test procedures for determining these characteristics. Furthermore, DIN 28091 describes procedures for quality assurance in the manufacture of flat gasket materials.

The test procedures according to DIN 52913 and DIN 3535 are also well established standards in the market, similar to the American inspection standards ROTT (Room Temperature Tightness Test) or HOBT (Hot Blow-Out Test). Successful component inspection according to VDI Guideline 2440 is necessary to prove the quality of a sealing element to meet TA-Luft (the German Clean Air Act) requirements.

In use worldwide

Today we are regarded as the leading global supplier of gasket test rigs. Our test rigs can be found on nearly every continent. Our service – which doesn't come to an end once the product has been delivered – ensures satisfied customers everywhere. Simple support queries are just as much a part of our range of services as regular maintenance and recalibration of testing equipment.

TEMES fl.ai1
multifunctional test rig TEMES fl.ai1 (all in one)

Our multifunctional test rig TEMES fl.ai1 enables the inspection of gaskets in

  • compression tests
  • compressive creep testing
  • creep/relaxation testing
  • leakage testing

at room temperature or raised temperature as well as under load or internal pressure.

The test rig can be operated both manually and fully automatically – which represents a decisive advantage for long testing periods. more

TEMES fl.relax
test rig for creep/relaxation testing: TEMES fl.relax

We developed the TEMES fl.relax test rig especially for creep/relaxation testing to shorten the time-consuming investigation of various parameters (load, temperature, stiffness) by using several test rigs. more

TEMES ta.luft
test rig to investigate gasket quality: TEMES ta.luft

The TEMES ta.luft test rig was designed for component testing of real flanged connections to investigate gasket quality in terms of the TA-Luft (the German Clean Air Act). Here the sealing behaviour is determined after a previous exposure to temperature. more…

testing device to test flange joints and valves for their fire resistance: TEMES

The testing device TEMES is engineered to test flange joints and valves for their fire resistance. With this device, user-defined test procedures or tests according to DIN EN ISO 10497, BS 6755-2, API 607, API 6FA or API 6FB can be conducted. more…

Klinger test rig

Klinger test rigs

In 2006, we officially took over the support for Klinger testing presses. We carry out maintenance and repairs and offer upgrading of testing equipment with modern hardware and software. more…

Other test rigs

We have also developed special solutions when required, e.g. a test rig for high temperature applications up to 800 °C, or for gaskets with large nominal sizes which needed to be tested in individual segments.

We have also carried out modernisations to older test rigs from other manufacturers – this is not limited to Klinger test rigs.

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Manfred Schaaf

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Claus Reinges

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