Packing and valve testing
in our accredited test laboratory

In our test laboratory - accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 - we reliably and precisely determine the deformation and sealing properties of your packings using the latest testing technology.

The tests are based on standards or individual customer specifications.

After selecting and assembling the packing, we check it in installed condition in the valve.


In our valve test rig, we also perform type tests, among others

  • ISO 15848-1 and
  • API 641

in which mechanical and thermal loads are applied and both stem forces and bonnet and packing leakage are measured.


Test laboratory with valves test rig (left) and packing test rigs (right)
Test laboratory with valves test rig (left) and packing test rigs (right)

Range of valve and packing testing services

Below, we have put together a detailed overview of services we offer in our accredited testing laboratory for packings and valves.

If your test requirements (test standard, test medium, pressure level, nominal width, weight, temperature or similar) are outside the range we cover as standard, we will be happy to check the individual feasibility for you.

Your contact for packing and valve testing services

Frank Herkert
Tel.: +49 7133 9502-167

Simon Weiler
Tel.: +49 7133 9502-168