Flange calculation online

TEMES fl.cal

Our software TEMESfl.cal for the calculation of bolted flanged joints according to EN 1591-1 is available with a reduced range of functions as an online version free of charge. With a personal login, you can use this tool to calculate standard flange pairs according to EN 1092-1. Databases for flange and bolt materials as well as for gasket characteristics are included in this online version. All gasket characteristics are obtained from the published data sheet on www.gasketdata.org which is administered by Center of Sealing Technologies of the University of Applied Sciences Muenster.

You can use the online version after free registration, and you can check the functionality of our software TEMES fl.cal for flange calculation. The complete calculation algorithm of EN 1591-1 (edition 2011) is included, only the presentation of the results is limited to a few parameters.

Earlier performed calculations can be reloaded at any time, if you want to vary the original calculation. If you need a detailed calculation report with all input data and all results, you can request this in a PDF file by indicating the calculation identification number (ID) for a nominal charge of 50 Euro via our E-Mail account temes@amtec.de.

Hopefully, we can convince you of the quality and the productive efficiency of our software, and we can encourage you to buy a full version. In the full version you can treat all kind of flange geometries and flange combinations, while the free online version is reduced to pairs of standard flanges according to EN 1092-1.


In the adjacent tutorial, we will show you an example of how the tightness and strength analysis is done with our online tool of TEMESfl.cal.