IMAS Quality of Systems and Components

Proof and Guarantee of
Required Component Quality in Operation

Regarding the systems and components of the pressure boundary but also other relevant SSC, an essential measure for plant safety is establishment and maintenance of a high quality status.

Integrity as well as operational safety of components and systems are based on a proven design and a high quality manufacturing process. To maintain the established quality in operation, comprehensive redundant measures are necessary.


With regard to the necessary explicit evidence, the task can be split into 2 parts:

  • Proof of the required actual quality
  • Guarantee the existing quality in further operation


The first item is an essential part of every periodic satety analysis, both points are essential regarding long term operation (LTO).

A proof of the required actual quality has to contain an assessment of all internal and external experiences, it has to be performed on the basis of an actual state of knowledge.

To guarantee the existing quality in operation, the utilities have implemented a comprehensive set of measures (surveillance, periodic testing etc.). The effectivity of this set of measures has to be verified, regularly,  In an iterative manner, the measures to guarantee quality have to be tailored to new boundary conditions, if necessary.

Our services regarding component quality:

  • Assessment and proof of the quality status of safety relevant systems and components - on the basis of actual knowledge and requirements

  • Proof of the quality status on long term basis - including a procedure to control efficiency of the procedure